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Panini are sandwiches made with Italian bread, usually served warm after grilling or toasting. To create the real, authentic panino, we use our gourmet Italian cold cuts and quality cheeses, and enhance the flavors with special homemade pastes and condiments.

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Arancini, or “little oranges”, are the epitome of traditional Sicilian street food. Our arancini are customised with different fillings, from savoury ragù to sweet pistachio or our exclusive black truffe. They’re the perfect treat for any time of the day as an antipasto, a snack or a meal, and even on-the-go.

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There’s no such thing as a “Belgian waffle” in Belgium. Instead, we have Brussels waffles and Liége waffles! Enjoy the light, crispy texture of our authentic Brussels waffles, made with a yeast-leavened batter that makes it deliciously airy. Customise it with toppings to add a bit of oomph or enjoy it in its classic form. Or savour our sweet, chewy Liége waffles, made with special pearl sugar imported from Belgium to be as true to the original taste. A good Liége waffle is best on its own, at any time of the day!

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A staple of Sicily’s cuisine, cannoli are their most iconic pastry. These crispy pastry tubes are filled with flavourful ricotta and dipped in chopped pistachios to create a beautiful, crunchy texture. We want you to taste the best of the best, so we only pipe in the filling after taking your order. Enjoy the full crispy crunch of the cannolo. You won’t be able to stop yourself with just one!

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Indulge in our special, unparalleled platters made to order for your house parties, friendly gatherings and even corporate events. We’ve got a selection of platters for you to choose from with authentic flavours from Italy and Belgium.

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